Customer Reviews

I had the opportunity and pleasure of doing my very first photoshoot with Joel Perodin. Naturally, I was extremely nervous & had no idea what was in store for me when the time came to take some photos! However, Joel’s professionalism, positive demeanor, and passion in photography melted away my nerves and uncertainty about this new experience. What was actually one hour seemed like five minutes because of the fun I had during the shoot, and judging by the few preview shots Joel has shown me of the work he has done since then, I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a professional photographer capable of a variety of different photo styles and can’t wait to continue working with him in the future.
— Kevin Lim
I would just like to say that you did a great job. We are extremely satisfied with the great work and for the time you have put into the vision of our logo. We can’t wait to start making T-Shirts, stickers, business cards, etc.

Great work thank you,
— -Simply Sweets Team 🎂
I have no experience with modeling but Joel made me feel comfortable being myself. Good vibes and great person to work with!
— Melissa Lauture

Working with Joel Perodin and the Blank Creation Team is always a great experience. Having eye for detail and creativity makes every photoshoot priceless. With running a business myself I know I need only the best and I have been working with Joel Since 2013 he always exceeds my expectation.
— Juan Marlen